Anonymous asked:

What's your view on stretch marks? Like do you think I should keep feeling ashamed of my body? I'm just so insecure bc I'm losing weight and they are still there idk, I just feel like guys won't get pass them

highuponsex answered:

Well stretch marks can happen whether you lose or gain weight love. It’s an accomplishment you should be proud of. I have stretch marks on my breast, thighs, inner thighs. It’s perfectly normal. I don’t think twice about them and neither should you. Worrying isn’t going to make them go away, so
you’re better off embracing them and moving on. Your accomplishing something that’s pretty hard for others. Congrats!! and keep your head held high. Don’t let something so petty get you down. It’s not worth it. :)

Real men don’t care about stretch marks my wife has them doesn’t make her any less beautiful to me